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To meet the growing demands from thirsty consumers, Michigan-based craft brewers have rapidly scaled up production at their manufacturing facilities.

Money is pouring into the craft beer industry these days, as players from across the capital spectrum open their spigots to fund startups, expansions and a growing number of liquidity events.

Citing declining membership and a lack of financial support, directors at the health care planning agency voted last night to end operations. The move includes revoking the authority of a board to evaluate health care projects locally under Michigan’s certificate-of-need regulations and issue recommendations to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

Whirlpool acquires American Dryer Corp.

Written by | Tuesday, 19 May 2015 09:19 |

Benton Harbor-based Whirlpool Corp. has entered an agreement to acquire Massachusetts-based American Dryer Corp. from Stonebrige Partners, a private equity firm.

Walker-based retailer Meijer Inc. and its distribution arm Meijer Distribution Inc. have filed a class-action lawsuit against Indian generic drug manufacturer Ranbaxy Inc.. alleging that the company fraudulently worked to keep other firms’ drugs out of the marketplace, driving up costs.

Metro Health Corp.’s proposed joint venture with Community Health Systems Inc. puts a considerable amount of money on the table that ultimately will go somewhere to support a charitable mission.

Real estate investor firm Clark Brothers Capital Corp. plans to buy up to 20 blighted properties in the greater Grand Rapids area over the next year and turn them into rental housing.

Hospitals claim proposed reforms to Michigan’s no-fault auto insurance law that would impose caps on what they charge to treat people injured in vehicle crashes would cost them a projected $1.2 billion annually.

What began as a pilot program in 2014 to assist Michigan companies in training their workers has gained steam in its second year as growing manufacturers continue to clamor for help in retaining and attracting employees.

The trade-offs that are made to gain improvements in fuel economy and emissions reductions can spawn new needs and create opportunities for enterprising component suppliers.

The new owners of Grandville-based Jireh Metal Products Inc. hope that the traditional manufacturing company can benefit from some growth and leadership strategies gleaned from their experience in other industries.

Businesses frequently run into challenges when they look to upgrade to more efficient and environmentally friendly HVAC equipment. Namely, the new systems can be really expensive to purchase and the payoff for the investment can take years.

Even investors and finance professionals say they are feeling the pinch from the widespread labor shortage.

A West Michigan company plans to capitalize on pending federal regulations of dental waste to drive sales outside of its current Midwest market.

A trio of West Michigan hospitals plans to move quickly to take advantage of a pending rule change that would allow them to treat more heart patients who come to their facilities, rather than referring them elsewhere.

There are no true days off for Chris Cameron, who remains on-call 24 hours a day prepared to do her part to fight crime in Kent County.

A former state representative from Traverse City and a veteran of several state agencies, Kevin Elsenheimer was recently appointed to lead the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA). As executive director, Elsenheimer said that his focus will be on three areas that MSHDA sees as its vital mission: getting people into affordable single-family and multifamily housing, addressing homelessness, and supporting community development efforts.

CFOs are never ones to brag, but they’re often the problem-solvers of their respective organizations.

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