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Business interests around the state are finding reasons to dislike energy policy reforms proposed recently by Senate Republicans, whether because they seek to tighten the electric choice market or because they eliminate renewable energy and efficiency mandates.

3 Republicans, 3 visions on energy policy

Written by | Sunday, 12 April 2015 22:00 |

Leaders in state government may be united under the Republican Party banner, but when it comes to revamping Michigan’s comprehensive energy policy, differences in vision have emerged over the past month.

With Governor Rick Snyder pushing hard for clean energy, MiBiz sat down with energy analyst Sam Gomberg to talk about what it means for Michigan’s energy businesses and the business sector as a whole.

New reports show Michigan’s 2008 renewable energy mandate has worked as intended, but lawmakers must now decide what to do next when the policy sunsets at the end of this year.

Holland BPW makes $200M bet on mixed-use energy park

Written by | Sunday, 18 January 2015 22:00 |

The City of Holland and its municipal power utility think that the city’s position on Lake Macatawa makes it special, and they don’t want to continue to operate a power plant on its shores.

Arn Boezaart is retiring from the Michigan Alternative and Renewable Energy Center on June 30, where he’s served as director for the last five years. Grand Valley State University’s MAREC struggled at its inception, but has since gained footing through its research partnerships and economic development activities as a business incubator. Boezaart sat down with MiBiz to discuss the center’s next chapter.

Michigan’s energy sector is at a crossroads. While a chorus of experts and energy firms advocate for higher state mandates and the development of more renewable energy projects, many industry professionals face a period of uncertainty.

Despite claims that Michigan’s climate is less than ideal for widespread solar energy production, one new program aims to show solar is both possible and scalable in the state.

Lawmakers in Lansing this year will be focusing on policies that will help secure Michigan’s energy future.

Michigan companies created about 1,100 new clean energy jobs in the third quarter of 2013.

Consumers Energy is in the process of installing its new smart meters for residential and small business customers in Oceana, Muskegon, Ottawa, Allegan, Newaygo and Kent counties.

Large logistics providers are leveraging technology-based tools to save energy and make their businesses more efficient, and they’re increasingly sharing that expertise with smaller companies in the supply chain.

Meet ORION, UPS’s newest routing system

Written by | Sunday, 10 November 2013 22:00 |

While UPS developed successful programs such as Roadnet and Territory Planner, it continues to look for new ways to improve the efficiency of its logistics routing. One new program is On-Road Integrated Optimization and Navigation, or ORION, according to a report this month in Forbes.

While Michigan’s energy stakeholders don’t always agree with one another, they will at least have a common framework for understanding the state’s energy situation next month.

Author and environmentalist Bill McKibben has become a prominent figure in the national discourse about global warming. Having led the largest act of civil disobedience in 30 years in the nation’s capital to protest against the Keystone XL pipeline, McKibben even spent time in jail for his actions, but his cause won out — at least for now.

West Michigan companies that want to watch their energy usage but lack the in-house capabilities to manage it effectively have a new local option: outsourced energy management.

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