People, Process, Product: 3P Approach to Total Manufacturing Management

The Center-West, The Right Place and MiBiz are teaming up again in 2021 to present a quarterly webinar series focused on best practices for small and mid-sized manufacturers. Each webinar in the 2021 series — called People, Process, Product: 3P Approach to Total Manufacturing Management — will feature Center West experts and Michigan manufacturers sharing their quality stories and strategies. The 50-minute webinars will provide actionable, real-world information to help participating manufacturers improve quality, increase efficiency and drive profitability.        


February 16, 2021


Without the right definition of roles — and the right people in the right roles — a manufacturer’s systems are bound to fail. In this first webinar, we’ll highlight talent strategies that can help you build your team for the future while balancing the production demands of today.  Plus, you’ll hear about how you can build a pipeline of talent and leadership from within during this webinar focused on people.  Watch the webinar here.

Process: Lean 3P

May 11, 2021


In this first of two webinars on process, we’ll address Lean 3P (Production, Preparation and Process), an event-driven process for developing new products concurrently with the operation that will produce it. Register for the webinar here

Process: The Pivot

August 10, 2021

As companies change and evolve, there are times when systems and processes need to be updated or completely rewritten. In this second webinar on process, we’ll dive into strategies for modifying the process elements within your company without losing track of your people and products.


November 9, 2021

Product quality is a given in any manufacturing environment, which is why companies need a robust approach that meets its customers’ requirements as well as international quality standards.  This webinar will focus on creating sustainable systems that balance the 3Ps