Events are back! The market is hungry to connect in person again and West Michigan businesses thrive on personal connections. MiBiz events have long been known as marquee places to network and learn.

Building on our foundation, MiBiz will host the following three “awards style” events in 2023, with approximately 100-200 attendees at each and a host of awareness and visibility opportunities for sponsors:

March - 10th Anniversary M&A Awards

MiBiz presents the M+A Deals & Dealmakers Awards to spotlight best practices and excellence related to mergers, acquisitions, capital formation and other types of dealmaking throughout Western Michigan. To make this, our 10th Anniversary, even more special MiBiz will be handing out a Hall of Fame award.

May - Best Managed Nonprofit Awards

West Michigan is known for its philanthropic heart. Equally important to their good work, is that many of these organizations are also well run operations, powerhouses for attracting and developing talent, and act entrepreneurially to serve their mission.

June - Podcast Celebration!

MiBiz was inspired to shine a spotlight on West Michigan's entrepreneurs and small business owners via our podcast. Join us as we celebrate 1 year of sharing lessons in opportunistic thinking, creative problem solving, and passionate vision in action — all of which enhances the entrepreneurial ecosystem and start-up mentality in our community. An intimate gathering, MiBiz will host former podcast guests and business professionals who can support their journeys.

August - Tech Assembly

West Michigan has set its vision to become a technology and innovation hub in the next 10 years (increasing tech employment in the region by 4% or 20,000 roles). We have already won some recognition by national leaders, identifying Grand Rapids as one of the four best cities to start a tech career), but we still have a long way to go. MiBiz's event will explore what is working, what isn't, and what needs to happen for the region to achieve its audacious goals. Diverse panels will shed light on the talent pool, policy hurdles, and ecosystem challenges.

November - Health Care Innovation Awards

From our ever growing Medical Mile to our thriving medical device manufacturing industry to our world-class educational and research facilities, West Michigan is on the leading edge of health care innovation. This event will recognize all types of organizations that are improving health outcomes, elevating the patient experience, improving public health, closing the gap in health disparities, and so much more.

For additional event and sponsorship information, contact us today.