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Wednesday, 11 January 2012 16:15

Q&A: In 2012, what will you not do business-wise?

Written by  MiBiz Staff
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Some of the best business lessons come from making mistakes. Others come from recognizing prior bad experiences or maturing as a manager or as a company.

Tim DoyleTim J. Doyle
Chairman,  Michigan Bankers Association
Senior Vice President of Fifth Third Bank, Western Michigan

Michigan Banker’s Association cannot be focused on a single bank or a single type of bank. As chairman, I understand that doing so or thinking so is a detriment to the way we do business and would not benefit Michigan’s economy or our business. Coming back to the natural relationship existing among businesses and banks, it’s important also not to have too narrow of a focus. Too often, leaders in banks tend to think of only their needs, but it’s been apparent that the needs of the customer and the needs of businesses need to be just as much a priority. Partnering with businesses in an effort to serve them in a way which is beneficial to both parties is becoming more and more pertinent to success and growth in the economy looking ahead. I am confident that banks will be that strategic partner, and as a trusted advisor will continue to serve those needs in the future.

Robert Roth
President and CEO,
RoMan Manufacturing Inc.

We won’t be putting up any shrines to our own egos. We’ve been blessed with great business over this year, and our plans for the future are promising. We won’t let it go too much to our heads. The lessons of 2008 and 2009 are well with us.

Rich Antonini
Partner, Plante Moran PLLC

Manufacturers won’t stay stagnant. They will expand and deepen their presence, add new skills sets and develop the talent they have in house. We will see a continued push on innovation with product development, spending more on R&D and getting deeper into product design with their customers. The pricing wars rage on, and manufacturers will not stay as a simple stamp-and-ship organization. Value-add, while it (is) an overused buzz phrase, continues to be a key if suppliers are going to get paid a fair price for their products produced.

Diana Sieger
President, Grand Rapids Community Foundation

Complain about the economy! We need to rise above all this and think creatively to help the region prosper.

Ron Kitchens

President and CEO, Southwest Michigan First

We will not be parochial. If there is a lesson to be learned from really the last three years, it’s that the world does not see political boundaries. We are identified by our customers in whatever manner they want to identify us as. We deal with customers on a regular basis that perceive us to be a satellite community of Chicago. Others see us as a functionary of Detroit or as a Midwest community like every other Midwest community. We’re just numbers on a page. What we’ve got to do is say we understand perception is reality, rather than argue. We’re going to collaborate with whoever we need to collaborate with that will ultimately lead to jobs and wealth creation in this region and benefit folks here. Artificial boundaries are the stuff of the past.

Bill Main
Executive Chairman, Landscape Forms

We won’t be passive. We will keep doing things. You have to make things happen. We will continue to go globally to find business in those parts of the world that are experiencing growth.

Duke Suywn
President and CEO
of West Michigan,
Colliers International

We will not make long-term commitments that would be dependent on the federal government getting its financial house in order.

Richard VanderZyden
Wolverine Building Group

We will not take on debt in 2012. Thankfully, we won’t need to.

Doug Wagner
Managing Partner,
Warner Norcross Judd LLP

While mergers have been popular among mid-sized law firms over the past decade, given our culture and the nature of our law firm, I cannot see that we would consider such a move. We certainly plan to add lateral attorneys to bolster our strength in certain practice areas, as well as continue to recruit new attorneys. We would certainly be open to making an acquisition of a small firm.

Cecile Fehsenfeld
Schuler Books and Music

We are not closing the door on anything. We are in the midst of an industry that is changing. As an independent bookseller, we keep our minds open to any adaptations that make sense to us.

David Eisler
Ferris State University

We will not diminish the quality of the education we provide our students.

Tom Rosenbach

Managing Partner,
Beene Garter LLP

We will not stand pat business-wise in 2012. We are going to try some new things to grow. We will continue to make some mistakes, but we will work to grow.

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