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Sunday, 29 April 2012 20:00

Michigan Celebrates Small Business 2012: Introduction

Written by  Brian Edwards and Joe Boomgaard
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The places you’ll go! 
You’ll be on your way up!
 You’ll be seeing great sights!
 You’ll join the high fliers
 who soar to high heights.”

— Dr. Seuss

When the Michigan Celebrates Small Business event launched in 2005, its founders must have felt like lone voices in the wilderness. Corporate recruitment and retention were still the economic development strategies of choice in those heady, pre-recession days.

Still, the MCSB founders decided to plow ahead with a startup event to support and praise entrepreneurs for their contributions to the state’s economy.

How the times have changed.

Today, Michigan’s economic development policy finds its foundation in economic gardening, the belief that supporting existing “second-stage” companies will help grow the state’s economy more reliably in the long run than hunting for outside companies to relocate or expand here.

After being taken for granted for so long, Michigan’s small businesses are now at the center of attention. And that consideration goes well beyond the more than 950 people that plan to gather May 3 at the Lansing Center for the Michigan Celebrates Small Business event — and certainly beyond these pages, in which we profile the West Michigan winners.

So, here’s to Michigan’s entrepreneurs and small business owners. The whole state is watching. Keep up the hard work and be good.

Brian Edwards, Editor & Publisher
Joe Boomgaard, Managing Editor

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