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Sunday, 29 April 2012 20:00

Michigan 50 Companies to Watch: Worksighted Inc.

Written by  MiBiz Staff
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Founded: 2000

Location: Holland
Top Executive: Mat Nguyen, president
Primary business: Information technology
Employees: 20 in 2011; 26 expected in 2012

Worksighted provides advanced IT services to small and midsized businesses and has posted 36 percent average growth for the past three years. It is projecting a 29 percent increase this year. Much of Worksighted’s success can be attributed to wise technology investments such as systems integration, cloud-computing products and remote management and monitoring tools.

How have you managed to grow your company?

Our growth can be attributed to the relationships we have internally and externally. Our zero employee turnover has helped us grow internally by being one of the best places to work. Our long-lasting and loyal relationships with all of our clients have created opportunities for us to overcome challenging times with them, as well as grow with them.

How did you survive the recession?

We survived the recession by continuing to innovate and look at new ways we could service our clients, and by maintaining control over our growth. We have actually leveraged the recession to build stronger partnerships with our clients, while capturing additional market share at the same time with our innovative product and service offerings – coupled with some key acquisitions.

What’s the largest challenge you have in your business?

We face the same challenge that most high growth companies face right now, which is finding good talent. While we have managed to entirely retain our workforce year after year, adding to the team has been more challenging. There are many things that come into play when looking for a good fit for our company and adding to our team has been a slower process than we have hoped.

What’s the best entrepreneurial advice you’ve received?

The methods and tactics that grow your company through the first stage are not the things that propel you through later stages. Being resistant to change can be detrimental to the organization.

How do you innovate in your company?

We provide an open environment where we discuss new ideas for the company. We encourage our team to think about how we can do things in new ways and work to implement our team’s ideas. Our organization has always had a culture of entrepreneurship, and even as we grow and implement more structure, there will always be a place for innovative thinking.

What’s your company’s biggest opportunity?

Our team believes in excellence in what they do. They believe in over-serving the client and exceeding expectations. All too often mediocrity is the accepted standard. Our biggest opportunity for new growth has always been fueled by the excellence of our people.

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