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Sunday, 29 April 2012 20:00

Michigan 50 Companies to Watch: Crystal Clean Auto Detailing

Written by  MiBiz Staff
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Founded: 2009

Location: Wyoming, Mich.
Top Executive: Ross Timyan, owner
Primary Business: Auto Detailing
Employees: 40 in 2011

Ross Timyan is 22 years old and his company did $1.3 million in sales last year. The young entrepreneur and Grand Valley State University student got his start at age 15 selling cars on eBay for his parents’ friends. Now he has expanded his business to included a high-end vehicle photography studio as well as “fly and shine” detail service, which stores and cleans travelers’ vehicles.

How have you managed to grow your company?

While administrators and managers may set these standards it is the rest of our incredibly talented, dedicated, and diverse staff working as a cohesive unit that ensure this is possible. Much of our success can be attributed to our “liberated” managerial style giving our employees a sense of pride in both themselves and the company. We have successfully established an atmosphere where every employee knows they are an equal piece to a single machine all working towards Crystal Clean’s ultimate goal: producing units with unmatched quality while simultaneously delivering an unprecedented level of customer service.

How did you survive the recession?

Outlasting the competition and providing a unique service to our customers was by far most important. Because we service dealerships and retail customers, being on both sides of the fence helped us through the recession. When people stopped buying cars, they started to take care of the ones they had, which made up for some of the lost sales at the dealerships.

What is the largest challenge you have at your business?

Cash flow.

What is the best entrepreneurial advice you’ve received?

Having a clear vision of what you want to achieve which is communicated clearly to all involved will ensure the commitment and motivation are present to achieve the goal.

How do you innovate in your company?

Utilizing technology and unique service offerings has been vital to our growth. Our business is a modern melting pot made up of diverse individuals ranging from college graduates to former convicts looking for a fresh start, all of which are unified by a single goal: transforming heavily used vehicles from their worn-down, depreciated condition into like-new, lot ready units, all in under 24 hours. We are a relatively new company and as such our culture is constantly evolving within our organization to help meet this goal. It is our company’s commitment to quality which separates Crystal Clean from our competitors. We strive to go above and beyond the expectations of our customers to achieve and maintain a quality standard rarely seen in our industry.

What is your company’s biggest opportunity?

Crystal Clean Auto Detailing utilizes a multi-functional mobile application called ReconPro. We are totally paperless. This application has been developed based on the tailored functionality requirements of our company and clientele. Inspections are entered into the database and sent directly to customers’ email where they can approve or deny any of the services recommended in the estimate. The information captured from this process informs our clients of what needs to be fixed and how much it would cost and also allows for the capturing of damage prior to the detailing process.

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