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Sunday, 28 October 2012 23:06

Meijer plans new corporate HQ

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Meijer plans new corporate HQ PHOTO: Joe Boomgaard

WALKER — Retail giant Meijer Inc.’s corporate presence in West Michigan could soon undergo a major overhaul.

The company’s “dated” corporate headquarters in Walker will soon be transformed into a “modern ... cohesive corporate campus,” albeit with Three Mile Road running through its center, said an official at the city of Walker.

Meijer has already filed plans with the city to renovate portions of its existing headquarters building at 2929 Walker Avenue north of Three Mile Road and another office building south of the intersection.

But those plans are just a small piece of what’s to come, according to sources.

The most visible part of the plan includes a major transformation of the company’s existing shipping and receiving warehouse into an all-glass exterior modern office structure, said Frank Wash, community development director for Walker.

Officials at Meijer don’t deny the plans, but declined to discuss them for this report.

The city met with Meijer’s management team in late spring/early summer and then met with the company’s architect to discuss the plans, Wash said.

The project would be “incremental, over a period of years” but would entail a “modernizing of the entire campus” over the three buildings, Wash said.

He said building inspectors have already been through the existing metal warehouse building, noting the “framings are as solid as can be.” He also expects no zoning issues with the redevelopment project.

The comprehensive construction plan has no firm end date or final square footage, he said, noting it “sounds like they’re figuring that out with the people that work with them and use the site.”

“They’re going to renovate the entire campus,” Wash said. “Earlier this year, they said they would stay in Walker and reinvest in their site.”

Meijer’s plans for a cohesive campus must make do with the difficulty posed by having Three Mile Road run through its center. Pedestrian traffic across Three Mile Road is a challenge the parties are still working through, Wash said.

“They said they’ve committed to the site for the long term,” Wash said. “That’s good news for the city.”

“The Meijer corporation has given back to the city and awful lot,” Wash added. “They’re a great corporate citizen.”

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