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Sunday, 23 December 2012 23:57

Industry overviews: Manufacturing

Written by  MiBiz Staff
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John Kuiper John Kuiper

John Kuiper
Partner, Colliers International
Michigan has continually proven to be a great manufacturing state, and now that the automotive industry is rebounding, we are seeing a renewed interest in reinvesting into the manufacturing sector locally. In addition to automotive, we have been growing in the food manufacturing sector and in many sectors that focus on increasing efficiencies or reducing the weight in products. Specific to commercial real estate relating to manufacturing, we have seen the demand increase while there has been extremely limited new construction for these manufacturers. A few companies have built new facilities or expanded existing ones, but not nearly enough based on the current demand. Assuming the demand stays constant with 2012 levels, we will see additional new construction, two to three build-to-suits, and an increase in land sales supporting these activities. It is also highly anticipated that we will see at least one new industrial spec building in the 60,000- to 75,000-square-foot range.


Pat Schiavone
Vice President of Consumer Global Design, Whirlpool Corp.
As I look to 2013, I’m excited about the possibilities for design and how design plays a role in everyday life. We are connected to each other in a variety of ways thanks to technology and I see this ability to connect even further with loved ones, our homes and yes, even our appliances, growing in 2013 and beyond. Integrating technology in meaningful ways has always been top-of-mind for Whirlpool, and we’re exploring how design will grow beyond aesthetics in the future. Providing useful design not only can help enhance our lives as we continue to be busy in work and play, but can also help build neighborhoods and communities and help the environment. Design can be included as part of an organization’s culture and history — advancing this thought within the organization is something we’re focused on for the future.


Thomas M. Reardon
Executive Director, Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association
We expect to see continued slow growth and modest employment gains in the general economy, which will translate into low-single digit growth rates for the office furniture industry.

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