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Sunday, 08 September 2013 22:15

Snyder spreads Pure Michigan message to Chinese

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Snyder spreads Pure Michigan message to Chinese COURTESY PHOTO

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder wants the Chinese people to know all that the state can offer in terms of business, agriculture and tourism.

On his third trade mission to China last week, Snyder said his goal was to help spread the message of Michigan’s comeback. Speaking with MiBiz from China, Snyder said each time he visits the country, he finds more opportunity for Michigan than before.

The visit also gave Snyder a chance to dispel any notions that Detroit’s bankruptcy would hold back or reverse the progress Michigan has already made.

“There is outstanding opportunity to do more business with China, more tourism and more agricultural trade,” he said in a phone call to MiBiz. “A lot of it is taking the time to build the relationships and educate the Chinese on the opportunities and make sure to answer their questions and continue to build that strong base.”

In particular, he said not enough people know of the economic recovery in Michigan. And while knowledge of Detroit’s situation varies, Snyder said having the ability to talk about the subject in person and let people know that the problem is with the municipal government — and that it is not a reflection on the city’s business environment — has garnered a good response.

Snyder also used the trip to talk to global Chinese firms about the benefits of locating their operations in Michigan.

“The companies we’ve been able to speak with understand that they need to be global in their presence and take those opportunities,” Snyder said. “They want to invest outside of China to grow broader base.”

Investment in Michigan isn’t just about Chinese companies taking advantage of the state’s business climate or its natural resources. They also recognize the value of the Michigan talent pool and the high productivity of workers in the state, Snyder said.

“Companies looking to invest in Michigan are doing their homework,” he said. “A lot of what they like about our state is the workforce and the talent and the work ethic of people in the state.”

Beyond business attraction, Snyder said he also wanted to bring some of the Pure Michigan messaging to the Chinese people. While many people there are familiar with tourist destinations on the East Coast and the West Coast, they don’t necessarily think of vacationing in the Midwest or Michigan, he said.

To help build that awareness, part of the mission for the trip was to plant the seed of Michigan as a travel destination, he said.

Business attraction and tourism promotion are two complementary messages, Snyder said.

“Business can lead to tourism and vice versa,” Snyder said. “This being the third trip, I continue to see each trip go better and better and find more opportunity each time. It’s a very positive thing to do.”

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