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Sunday, 20 December 2015 22:52

CRYSTAL BALL: Bill Manns, president, Mercy Health Saint Mary's

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CRYSTAL BALL: Bill Manns, president, Mercy Health Saint Mary's COURTESY PHOTO

Mercy Health Saint Mary’s President Bill Manns shares the view of many economists that the economy will hold up in 2016. But Manns concedes that he’s watching the presidential election closely because depending on who wins, the results could have major implications for the Affordable Care Act that’s reshaping health care in the nation.

I don’t think there is anybody in health care that would not argue there is considerable waste in the system. What we’re doing is asking those that are closest to the patient to help us in identifying that waste and help us in improving the quality and safety in health care. As we continue to ring out that waste in the system, we at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s at least, will do OK, but it really is a cultural shift and a different mindset. It’s not the traditional reduction in force, slash and burn, etc. as you see in a downturn in the economy. That’s really what I’m trying to do, to get ahead of that curve and do it while the organization is doing well financially and there’s no obvious threat.

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