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Sponsored Content: Joining the Parade: Westwind Highlights a Home Focused on the Owner’s Lifestyle

BY Westwind Sunday, September 17, 2017 07:55pm

October marks the first time that Westwind will participate in Grand Rapids Parade of Homes tour, but the Grand Haven-based construction management company has years of experience in building and renovating high-end residences for executives.

By applying the same winning process that it uses for industrial and commercial projects, Westwind is highlighting its homebuilding business with an entry in the parade that demonstrates how the company can translate lifestyle into home design. The home at 1810 Antisdale in Norton Shores serves as a perfect illustration of how the Westwind team uses principles that are hallmark of Westwind’s commercial and industrial work and applies them to residential construction.  

“Our parade home on the shores of Mona Lake really showcases the talents of our homebuilding team,” says Mark Bonser, senior project manager at Westwind. “When we sit down with an executive who is looking to build his or her dream home, we approach the project in the same way as a commercial or industrial building, but we ask a different set of questions.”

When the homebuilding team at Westwind asked the owners of the parade home what they valued for lifestyle, the answers were clear: gathering space for family and friends, with a particular emphasis on ways to fully utilize the recreational aspects of Mona Lake.

The result is a 3,600-square-foot, walk-out home situated strategically on a ¼-acre lot so the view “visually brings the waterline right into the home,“ Mark explained. “And we are told that the home shows well from the water too -- boaters have complimented us on its beauty as they viewed it from their boats.”

Site harmony is a hallmark of all Westwind projects, but it can take on a special significance for a home like 1810 Antisdale because aesthetics play such an important part in maintaining the value of the property.  “There’s nothing worse in home building than when a house is just dropped on a lot,” Mark says.

Westwind seeks to understand how clients intend to use their homes in the course of their lifetime, he adds. Some questions center on the everyday patterns of life in the home, while other questions address the long-term plan for the asset.

As a lake-centric home, the owners of Antisdale created a special room near the garage that serves as a fresh fish preparation and cooking station, with a countertop and sink for fish cleaning and fryers with overhead hood for fish frys. A space on the walk-out level serves as storage for kayaks, canoes and water recreation items, and there’s a shower outside the home for beach visitors to rinse off so sand won’t be tracked into the house.

The owners also planned for regular weekly family gatherings of about 15 people, so Westwind set about defining the requirements that entertaining will place on the site plan for parking and home plan for comfortable seating and kitchen access.  With parking space for 13 cars and a garage stall designated for a boat, the home is set for larger gatherings.

With hospitality and family a priority for the homeowner, the walk-out level features two large sleeping areas, a bar and wine cellar, and a multipurpose space for yoga, games and movie viewing.

“All of these considerations can impact other areas of the house,” Mark says. “If you look to increase the size of the kitchen where people congregate or the dining area, perhaps you don’t need as much in the way of bedroom space.

“We understand that building a home is more than bricks and sticks…it’s about tailoring a home to fit the way you live.”

When it comes to long-term considerations, Westwind keeps current with the rapidly changing technologies to conserve energy and a home’s impact on the environment, Mark says. “We have a good handle on the practical applications of solar power and wind turbines for power generation, and geothermal, insulation materials and smart controls for energy conservation,” he says. “We can give the homeowner a good sense of whether a technology will provide its expected results.”

For more information on Westwind Construction, its portfolio and capabilities, visit the company’s website at or call 616-842-2030. 

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