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Sponsored Content: Westwind Helps Clients to Think Through Commercial Projects Before Turning a Shovel Courtesy photos

Sponsored Content: Westwind Helps Clients to Think Through Commercial Projects Before Turning a Shovel

BY Westwind Construction Sunday, December 10, 2017 10:16pm

When it comes to commercial construction projects, good upfront planning can save clients more than time and money: it can also enhance customer experience and properly integrate a company into a community.

Because commercial projects have so many moving parts, Westwind Construction uses a comprehensive interview process with its clients to make sure all the bases are covered before the first shovel of dirt is turned.

The  West Michigan based company uses its more than 40 years of experience to provide “the best ideas on building” for new construction and renovation of retail, office, medical and warehouse space, says President and Founder Greg Oleszczuk.

“We're here to be the best fit,” Greg says. “Our clients appreciate the upfront questions from experienced construction managers who want to build projects the right way from the start.”

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Senior Project Manager Mark Bonser says a hallmark of all Westwind commercial projects is the time that the company invests to walk through proper site selection, zoning laws, municipal plan reviews and approvals, building permits, traffic flow, environmental assessments and building design. 

“On a weekly basis, we are in front of at least three or four municipalities in different parts of Michigan and other states, where we are addressing how our clients will integrate into their communities,” Mark says. “On a daily basis, we have staff traveling to wherever they are needed. Currently we have projects going on in Georgia, Colorado, Utah, Ohio, and Florida, as well as Michigan.”

The type of projects that Westwind tackles are as varied as where they are located. Some of its clients include Jimmy John's and Hungry Howie's restaurants, offices for Charter Communications, medical space for Munson Medical Center in Traverse City, and space for Barrett Boat Works Inc. in Spring Lake and North Shore Marina Inc. in Grand Haven. 

“We also spend significant time learning how their businesses operates,” Mark says. “We look at how we can help streamline parking, customer entry, workflow, deliveries — anything that helps a business to function more efficiently.”

Whether the project is an upfit or expansion to an existing space, Westwind uses its building design capabilities to reimagine an existing space in a different configuration, expand into existing adjacent space or construct an addition to an existing facility. 

“We are focused on having close coordination with the client to make sure their interruptions are minimized,” Mark says. “And we offer suggestions learned over the years that prevent clients from over-spending in order to accomplish their renovations.”

Westwind draws on its experience in serving the industrial sector for more demanding commercial applications in new or existing spaces, such as renovation of medical or dental spaces where patients are being served during construction. 

“The same practices that we learned in building clean room spaces for our industrial customers carry over to how we stage and manage some of our medical projects,” he says. “We have to be particularly careful about creating barriers between areas serving patients and those areas under construction for dust, noise and other considerations.”

Westwind can quote work on a fixed-price, an open-book or cost-plus basis, where the work is invoiced to the client for actual costs incurred plus an agreed profit margin. “With the cost-plus basis, the client is heavily involved in decision-making throughout the process,” Mark says.  “They really achieve minute-by-minute financial literacy of the project.”

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