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West Michigan companies will continue to add workers over the next two years, just not at the rapid pace they have in 2015.That’s according to George Erickcek, a senior regional analyst with the Kalamazoo-based W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research.

Dangling the carrot of a $5 billion investment and 1,000 new jobs, a Nevada-based data center operator asked the Michigan Legislature to change state tax laws to be competitive with other states.

State lawmakers could likely establish a system to tax and regulate medical marijuana dispensaries this month, but many question whether those businesses will ever thrive in West Michigan.

MiBiz Growth Report: Dec. 7, 2015

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MiBiz Growth Report: Nov. 23, 2015

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MiBiz Growth Report: Nov. 9, 2015

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Michigan ranks near the top nationally for the growth of women- and minority-owned businesses in the middle-market segment. That’s according to a new national report from American Express and Dun & Bradstreet, which analyzed 136,603 middle-market businesses, defined as companies with annual revenues of more than $10 million but less than $1 billion.

A bipartisan team of political and legal players will work around an unwilling state Legislature to expand civil rights protections for Michigan’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. The Fair Michigan campaign has launched a statewide ballot initiative that would ask voters to approve a constitutional amendment banning discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender and gender identity.

As stakeholders seek to attract more corporate tenants to Grand Rapids’ central business district, they could look to Des Moines, Iowa as one example of a similarly-sized city that’s been successful at luring in major corporate tenants.

MiBiz Growth Report: Oct. 26, 2015

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Local officials say it’s tough to tell in one year whether a major public transportation project in Grand Rapids constitutes a full-on success.

Despite growth in the U.S. economy, both long-term and short-term macro issues remain. That’s according to Rick Mattoon, a senior economist and economic adviser at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Years into the recovery, a number of key economic indicators aren’t as strong as they were coming out of past recessions, Mattoon said. While many economists predicted the United States could experience 3 percent growth in 2015, the country is on track for only about 2.2 percent to 2.4 percent GDP growth because of a variety of factors, he said. After speaking at an event sponsored by the West Michigan chapter of the Turnaround Managers Association, Mattoon shared with MiBiz his take on the state of the U.S. and regional economies.

Despite the numerous economic development programs aimed at attracting new businesses to Michigan, state and regional organizations could do more when it comes to helping companies focused on the triple bottom line business model.

MiBiz Growth Report: Oct. 12, 2015

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MiBiz Growth Report: Sept. 28, 2015

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The Michigan Economic Development Corp., the quasi-governmental agency tasked with supporting business attraction and retention efforts in the state, needed to reorganize with layoffs in the wake of a sizeable budget shortfall.

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