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From office furniture to automotive parts, the manufacturing industry is full of career opportunities. To fill these positions, companies often seek out workers with the ability to adapt and learn new systems to advance their businesses. These workers both embrace their unique role and train others to leverage new technologies and processes.

From his three deployments to Iraq, where he earned two Bronze Stars for his actions, to owning and operating a Lansing, Michigan, coffee shop, Mark Thompson is the type of person who never settles. His next challenge is always around the corner; full of new things for him to learn and be excited about.

Fifteen years ago, Micron Manufacturing Co. made a bold gamble. The Walker-based manufacturer invested substantial resources into replacing more than 60 lathes and other outdated equipment with 19 state-of-the-art CNC lathes featuring autonomous capabilities. At the time, the new automation equipment was relatively unknown, and represented a big step toward what company executives thought would be the future of manufacturing for their business.

The West Michigan economy is peaking, and with an economically successful year in 2017, it is expected that those successes will continue throughout 2018. Many are wondering if that is true, or if West Michigan should expect some headwinds.

The technological, infrastructure, policy and security landscapes are changing more quickly than firms can keep pace. As the Information Technology field continues to mature, the roles of Chief Security Officers (CSOs) are giving way to the rise of Chief Risk Officers (CROs). Though organizations appoint these positions to oversee and mitigate business threats, ultimate responsibility for organizational risk is the responsibility of executive leaders.

From network servers or the cloud, to the tiniest thumb drive or solid-state disk — every school, library or organization that stores data needs cybersecurity — without exception. No one is immune to the risk of cyberattack, but firewalls help ensure everyone is prepared.

When it comes to commercial construction projects, good upfront planning can save clients more than time and money: it can also enhance customer experience and properly integrate a company into a community.

News reports indicate that more than 4 million people in Michigan may be compromised by the Equifax cyberattack.  As these attacks become increasingly common, businesses are confronting risks previously only seen in works of fiction. Cybercriminals steal users’ identities, make fraudulent purchases, and disrupt everything from travel to essential emergency services.

When disagreements occur regarding the validity of a will or the administration of a probate estate, the financial management and distribution of a trust, or a question of mental health capacity, our probate litigation attorneys help clients to obtain a resolution. 

Randii Smith likes the companionship she experiences in her West Michigan Rideshare van pool, especially during sketchy winter weather.

Business owners spend decades building the value of their business with the intention of one day transitioning that business to either a family member, a group of employees, or to another company or private equity buyer.  A successful transition plan begins with evaluating the following key factors. You should consider which of these factors are important to your goals and begin thinking of how you prioritize these factors to select the best strategy for your business.

Ribbon cutting ceremonies are a grand opening tradition.They provide a way to connect with the professional community that surrounds your business in a fun, celebratory setting. We can certainly appreciate a good ribbon cutting here at Richett Media — we organized and executed more than 50 of them in one year!

Most business leaders have heard of the law known as “Title IX,” but few understand the broader context of the statute or how it may be relevant outside of collegiate sports. Clark Hill attorneys Erin C. Galbally, Marshall W. Grate and Nicole M. Paterson specialize in handling matters relating to Title IX (officially known as Title IX of Educational Amendment of 1972) and offer their insight on how it continues to evolve in new ways.

One of the toughest challenges for any manufacturer is to accurately predict where its current path will lead in five or 10 years -- and what the business will look like at the end of that journey.

Executives often use jargon when they talk about impact investing, sprinkling phrases like “social ROI” and “double bottom-line” into conversations on the topic. One phrase you won’t hear them use, though, is “rescue mission,” says Gingras Global Managing Partner Romy Kochan.

Grand Rapids resident Sharon Crittenden, age 67, was overwhelmed upon learning she would need open heart surgery due to significant blockage in one of her arteries. But her longtime cardiologist, Dr. Vinayak Manohar of Mercy Health Physician Partners, assured her world-class cardiovascular hands were not far from home.

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