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Amid tax law challenges, another potential complication with Switch Communications Inc.’s proposed move to Michigan is how the energy-intensive company would secure a reliable electricity supply. That’s particularly the case if Switch wants to power its data center with renewable sources, as it does with its Nevada operations.

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As lawmakers in Lansing discuss new energy legislation, Michigan finds itself at the center of a nationwide debate.

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New reports show Michigan’s 2008 renewable energy mandate has worked as intended, but lawmakers must now decide what to do next when the policy sunsets at the end of this year.

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At a time when many energy-based companies are diversifying into the gas and oil industries, Dan Scripps, a former State Representative who now leads the trade association Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council, sees alternative and advanced energy sources such as solar, wind and biodigesters becoming a more prevalent part of the energy mix, even amid regulatory uncertainties.

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While experts continue to tout wind energy as a diversification target for many West Michigan manufacturers, companies that supply the industry say they’ve faced a period of stagnant demand, especially now that a key federal incentive no longer exists.

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While Michigan’s energy stakeholders don’t always agree with one another, they will at least have a common framework for understanding the state’s energy situation next month.

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Alternative energy jobs do exist, and they’re being created at companies in West Michigan.

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A firm believer that Michigan can continue to see economic benefits from the advanced energy industry, Dan Scripps serves as president of the Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council (EIBC) and the Institute for Energy Innovation.

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GRAND RAPIDS — The debate over Michigan’s energy future remains a charged discussion.

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