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A new style of credit cards and debit cards designed to reduce fraud will require retailers to upgrade equipment by this coming fall to accept customer payments, or potentially get stuck with the liability for an incident.

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The results of PNC Bank’s annual Wealth & Values survey dispel the stereotype of the wealthy as proverbial one-percenters who are only concerned with their personal financial interests.

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Business owners across Michigan remain optimistic about the state’s economy and plan to continue adding jobs in the coming months, although at a slightly lower rate, according to survey results from PNC Bank.

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PNC Bank economists expect economic growth across Southwest Michigan to remain strong at least through next year.

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A biannual survey of small business owners by PNC Bank found increased optimism and stronger hiring plans for the next six months.

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Graduating into the work world is daunting enough for many college students, but when those students identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, the challenges are even greater.

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Businesses across Michigan view their future business prospects with a little more optimism than a year ago, although fewer expect to hire additional employees in the next six months, according to the results from a PNC Bank survey.

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West Michigan’s homegrown public companies have often ended up as the prey rather than the predator over the past two decades.

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Thursday, 15 August 2013 00:00

Q&A: Dave Tomko, The Growth Coach

After 25 years in the banking business, Dave Tomko decided to strike out on his own and recently opened a Kalamazoo-based office for The Growth Coach, a national business and sales coaching franchise. His goal: to help small business grow and create more jobs.

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PNC Bank economists expect Southwest Michigan’s economic recovery to continue to outpace the rest of the nation.

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