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No matter whether you love or hate the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, what’s become clear is that 2017 will bring major changes to the federal health care reform law.

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Sunday, 18 September 2016 16:26

Grand Valley Health closes down HMO business

GRAND RAPIDS — Grand Valley Health Corp.’s decision to get out of the HMO business follows continued losses and years of dwindling membership, combined with pressures brought on by the federal Affordable Care Act.

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An analysis of 2015 financial information shows the state’s expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare drove strong profits for one sector of the Michigan economy: health management organizations (HMOs). 

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The growth of private health exchanges and the migration of more employers to self-insured health benefits are the key trends Michigan Association of Health Plans Executive Director Rick Murdock is watching for 201

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LANSING — The idea isn’t to do more regulation, Kevin Clinton says, but to advocate for the growing financial services and insurance industries in Michigan.

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An American Medical Association report that again ranks Michigan’s health-insurance market as one of the least competitive in the nation provides even more fodder for argument between Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and its competitors.

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Further action on transitioning Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan to a not-for-profit mutual insurer won’t come until after the November election, giving those who object to the current version of the legislation time to lobby for more changes.

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The sweeping federal health care reform law and the formation of health exchanges could significantly change how individuals and small businesses will buy health coverage.

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