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After years of steady growth, executives at Nuvar Inc. needed to make a choice. The Holland-based contract manufacturer could either continue to lease a small facility to ease capacity constraints at its main production center, or it could make a larger investment and purchase an additional building that would better position the business to grow.

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Amid currency fluctuations and general uncertainty stemming from international markets, West Michigan office furniture manufacturers continue to experience steady growth on their home turf in North America.

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Steelcase Inc. surpassed its forecasted performance for the second quarter of its 2016 fiscal year, aided by growth in the Americas and in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) market.

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After an initial career in health care and as an executive manager and leadership coach at Steelcase Inc., Barbara Rapaport decided to start an organization of her own. A decade ago, Rapaport founded Real-Time Perspectives Inc. as a business leadership consultancy in West Michigan. Since then, she’s grown the business to include 85 clients in 16 different countries.

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The globalized workforce has reshaped how universities in West Michigan and beyond educate their engineering students.

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Although fears over China’s stalling economy sent global stock markets reeling in late August, experts say the impact to West Michigan’s manufacturers will be complex — and not necessarily all negative.

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Business interests around the state are finding reasons to dislike energy policy reforms proposed recently by Senate Republicans, whether because they seek to tighten the electric choice market or because they eliminate renewable energy and efficiency mandates.

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West Michigan office furniture manufacturers posted gains in their latest quarterly earnings despite continued negative currency fluctuations driven by the high value of the U.S. dollar.

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The concept of the open office with a mix of desks, couches, benches and recreational activities is making its way from nimble startups to the highest levels of corporate America. Walls and private offices are being replaced with long benches and sit-to-stand desks, as well as private areas where employees can get away to focus. These trends were on full display this week in Chicago at NeoCon trade show.

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Nearly three weeks after a previous deal unravelled that would have turned Steelcase Inc.’s pyramid campus into an educational site, the property has new owners.

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