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The anonymously-funded scholarship that grants free in-state tuition to eligible high school students announced today that the scholarships may be used at a number of additional schools.

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The next year and a half is shaping up to be a busy period for higher education building projects.

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Suppliers to the office furniture industry better start paying close attention to the materials going into the pieces they’re making.

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Thursday, 09 May 2013 16:15

Companies embrace workplace play

Stuffy is out, fun is in. That general trend in office culture has been taking shape for a couple of decades, but it’s becoming more pronounced as companies struggle to attract young creative talent and inspire their workforce.

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Customers have started asking more questions about what goes into the products the office furniture industry manufactures.

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All the talk surrounding the need for more investment into Michigan’s higher education institutions is starting to pay off — at least a little bit.

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In 2011, Olivarez, an Aquinas College alum, became the school’s seventh president after having served in leadership roles at the Kalamazoo Community Foundation and Grand Rapids Community College.

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Making college affordable through endowed scholarships is a top priority for Aquinas College’s advancement staff — and for recent alumni, thanks to some changes shepherded in by major gifts director Cecilia Cunningham.

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Chinese professionals present their business cards with reverence, holding the card with both hands so it can be read by the person receiving it. But Americans oblivious to Chinese business customs might shove the card in a back pocket and continue talking, a gaffe sure to sour any business meeting.

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