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Manufacturers and their advocates had long decried the job-killing effects of the state’s personal property tax on equipment. But with the passage of Proposal 1, that tax will start to be phased out over seven years from 2016 to 2023. Companies with $80,000 or less in personal property qualify to file a tax exemption immediately. Fresh off the Proposal 1 victory in the August primary, Mike Johnston of the Michigan Manufacturers Association spoke with MiBiz about the impacts of eliminating the tax and the industry group’s focus going forward.

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When a career fair turned into a $10,000 disappointment, Jonathan DeWys could have walked away chagrined and started whining that the lack of skilled workers was hampering his company’s opportunities for growth.

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Canada might be Michigan’s closest international neighbor and largest trading partner, but it also found itself at the center of a fierce political battle last fall.

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The Michigan Manufacturers Association wants to tear down more barriers.

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Sunday, 06 January 2013 23:08

Voters to get final say in PPT repeal

After securing a partial victory in a long-sought goal of repealing Michigan’s personal property tax, business advocates next need to turn their attention to convincing voters to go along with the plans.

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If nothing else, Chuck Hadden views Michigan’s rise in a national ranking of state business tax climates as further proof that the state is changing for the better.

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Rather than sit in a landfill, some waste can still be put to a good second use. The trouble is that companies looking for the waste materials often struggle to find it or have regulations in their way.

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Business advocates view a proposal to reform Michigan’s personal property tax as another solid step toward improving the state’s business climate and competitiveness.

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After a tumultuous decade, manufacturers are again helping drive Michigan’s economy, rather than dragging it into the abyss as the sector did during the recession.

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Monday, 20 February 2012 11:00

Production wage spread narrows in Michigan

One of the selling points for companies in West Michigan for decades has been that labor is cheaper here than on the east side of the state. But it seems local manufacturers are slowly losing that price advantage. Employee wages in the region are still lower than what is being paid by manufacturers in the Detroit area, but local wages are climbing much closer to what is being paid on the east side.

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