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News reports indicate that more than 4 million people in Michigan may be compromised by the Equifax cyberattack.  As these attacks become increasingly common, businesses are confronting risks previously only seen in works of fiction. Cybercriminals steal users’ identities, make fraudulent purchases, and disrupt everything from travel to essential emergency services.

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When disagreements occur regarding the validity of a will or the administration of a probate estate, the financial management and distribution of a trust, or a question of mental health capacity, our probate litigation attorneys help clients to obtain a resolution. 

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Business owners spend decades building the value of their business with the intention of one day transitioning that business to either a family member, a group of employees, or to another company or private equity buyer.  A successful transition plan begins with evaluating the following key factors. You should consider which of these factors are important to your goals and begin thinking of how you prioritize these factors to select the best strategy for your business.

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GRAND RAPIDS — Accounting, law and marketing firms are hosting more educational and social gatherings than they were just three years ago.

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With availability of talent at a premium, many manufacturers are attempting to lure away key workers from their competitors. 

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When two former executives of Pitsch Holding Company Inc. filed a lawsuit against three of their siblings in 2007, they probably didn’t know they’d be starting a 10-year war.

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Sunday, 11 June 2017 20:00

M&A market shift ahead?

M&A professionals say deal volume remains strong heading into mid year with more buyers in the market than sellers. 

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Private equity investments in Michigan grew in 2016 with an increase in both deals and the amount of capital invested.

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As Neil Brown and Wade Thompson considered acquiring Central Interconnect Inc. late last year, they found themselves interested in the opportunity the company presented.

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Private equity investments in Michigan are surging with the rest of the nation, as merger and acquisition activity remains strong and provides plenty of opportunity for prospective buyers.

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