Build for Now, Build for Future: Workforce Strategies for Manufacturers

The Right Place’s Manufacturing Services team and MiBiz are collaborating again in 2022 to present a three-part webinar series focused on best practices for small and mid-sized manufacturers. Each 50-minute webinar will feature the Right Place’s Manufacturing Service team and a selection of Michigan manufacturers, partners, or educators sharing their stories and strategies from the frontlines. Gain actionable, real-world information on how to engage with the workforce coming up, develop your current workforce, and prepare for the workforce needed for the future factory.        

The Workforce That Is Coming: How Manufacturers Are Engaging The Workforce Coming Up

February 23, 2022


The shortage of available labor is not going away. Graduating classes are only getting smaller and every industry is competing for the talent we have. In this first webinar, we’ll hear from educators, manufacturers, and connectors forming relationships with young people at all stages of their education. Discover what skills young people are learning, how manufacturers influence that, and other strategies to encourage students to explore careers in manufacturing.  Click HERE to watch the recording. Click HERE to download webinar resource notes.

The Workforce Manufacturers Have: How Manufacturers Are Developing Their Current Workforce

April 14, 2022


In today’s world employees have a choice, they have more ability to find employment that fits with who they are. As employers, we need to recognize that and make the transition to new employment an easier task. In this second webinar in our series, we’ll hear strategies for onboarding and growing culture to meet this demand. Hear ideas on how manufacturers are doing it, and what others have learned along the way. Click HERE to watch the recording. Click HERE to download webinar resource notes. 

The Workforce That is Necessary: How Manufacturers Are Building Skills for the Future Factory

June 8, 2022


We are currently transforming how and what we make - the Fourth Industrial Revolution is here and the 5th is coming. These iterations of change will be faster in the future and likely driven by improvements in digital technology, leaps of computing power, and additional global disruptions. Rounding out our series, this third webinar will focus on identifying the skills and competencies needed for the 21st manufacturing business and how to build or attract a workforce that has them. Click HERE to register.