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The competitive landscape is changing for West Michigan companies.

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Farmington Hills-based private equity firm Beringea LLC announced today that it has invested $3 million in Freeosk Inc., a marketing services company with operations in St. Joseph, Mich. and Chicago.

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While developers focus on how the insides of their buildings function, they’ve mostly ignored the premium outdoor space that surrounds their properties.

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Managers at busy manufacturing companies have to find a balance between the work they need to do and should do. For many, sustainable manufacturing practices often fall into the latter category.

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David EislerElection years can be years of inaction as politicians are focused more on running for office and posturing for votes than on actual governing.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012 15:46

Bill Main

“A lot of businesses are doing quite well. They generate more of their own activity; there is no tailwind pushing anyone along. I see a lot of people making small bets. They are not looking for home runs and grand slams.

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