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West Michigan will have representation on a new authority set up to oversee construction of the new international bridge between Detroit and Windsor, Ontario.

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The broad capabilities of West Michigan’s design community help bolster the region’s economic resilience and strengthen its manufacturing sector.

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Advances in growing techniques and higher yields have put a strain on apple processing and packaging plants in West Michigan, particularly in northwestern Kent County.

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Alternative energy jobs do exist, and they’re being created at companies in West Michigan.

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The federal government sets aside money each year to help small businesses do research and commercialize intellectual property, but the programs are woefully underused by companies in Grand Rapids, which trails peer cities nationwide and around the state in federal research funding. Why aren’t local companies pursuing the cash?

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Despite the promise of a revolutionary new technology for small-scale wind energy, one local company has found the industry’s headwinds too stiff to stay in business.

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Wednesday, 18 April 2012 19:35

Former GM site to be marketed as Site36

The Right Place, Lormax Stern and the City of Wyoming hope a new marketing strategy for the former GM stamping plant on 36th Street will get global companies to notice of what the site can offer.

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