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As the office furniture sector heads toward midyear, executives say sales have begun to trend upward as an updated industry outlook still forecasts stronger growth ahead in 2015.

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This summer could be a telling season for the salmon fishery in Lake Michigan and the lakeshore economy that relies on the industry for tourism.

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There is little debate that the Internet has acted as a disruptive force for a broad range of industries, higher education included.

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Steelcase Inc. and Herman Miller Inc. executives say they see higher growth rates ahead as the office furniture industry gains momentum.

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Sunday, 18 August 2013 22:00

Cars sell, but who's buying?

Despite automakers’ lackluster results in wooing Millennial buyers with new technology and hip ad campaigns, it turns out the 18 to 31 crowd does want to buy cars. The problem: They’re too broke. So carmakers have shifted their focus to age groups that are more likely to purchase new vehicles soon. They’re looking at you, Baby Boomers and Gen Xers.

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When David J. Brophy started the Michigan Growth Capital Symposium in 1982, just two venture funds called Michigan home.

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The office furniture industry will continue to move with the U.S. economy, posting modest growth in 2013 and then accelerating next year, according to an updated industry outlook.

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Michigan’s big three research universities grew their combined economic impact to more than $15.5 billion annually by 2011, while maintaining their standing among peers as one of the top research clusters in the nation.

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Most doctors in Michigan have the ability to take more patients into their practices and would accept new Medicaid patients, according to survey data.

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The housing market is getting back on its feet, consumer spending is up and the auto industry should remain in good shape. That’s the good news about the economy.

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