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Simple logic says when the economy is down, people and businesses aren’t as likely to spend. This means reduced production, layoffs and all kinds of belt-tightening.

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Amway Corp.’s broad-based business didn’t always pay attention to sustainability issues, but that is starting to change as going green is increasingly seen as having a strong business case behind it.

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A new bill could change how often Michigan revises its construction codes, and proponents say that could translate into savings for businesses and more consistency in the regulations. The state construction codes reform, House Bill 4561, is currently waiting its day in the Senate. Having passed the house in a 68-to-39 Republican majority vote on Dec. 1, the bill now awaits review by the Senate Committee on Regulatory Reform.

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Many businesses seem to be running a popularity contest as to who can be the most sustainable. There’s no shortage of “green” claims in the marketplace. But regardless of all the social posturing involved in sustainability, there is no arguing with the improvements being sustainable can have on a company’s bottom line.

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MiBiz announced today that veteran business journalist Mark Sanchez has begun working for the region’s largest business publication as a Senior Writer. Sanchez will cover the West Michigan health care, finance and small business beats for MiBiz and its affiliated print and online publications.

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