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If the old saw that “coffee’s for closers” holds true, then brokers in the West Michigan real estate market are filling their cups.

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A low-key but high-powered group of West Michigan influencers and business leaders thinks it’s time to put the rapids back in the Grand. They want to restore a 2-mile-long section of the namesake river flowing through downtown Grand Rapids to attract whitewater enthusiasts.

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A new program not only helps members of the community to find affordable housing, but it also serves as a vehicle to teach other people the skills they need for a successful career in the construction industry.

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Tuesday, 28 February 2012 09:52

Amway goes glam in renovating hotel ballroom

In the competition for which hotels have the swankiest, most modern amenities, the Amway Grand Plaza has raised the stakes. On Feb. 7, the hotel held an opening reception for its newly renovated Ambassador Ballroom. The $2.4 million project, which included the Crown Foyer and west concourse, was overhauled with updated technology and “glamorized” interiors.

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With the recession increasingly in the rearview mirror, ADAC Automotive Inc. hopes its investment in a new plant and new technology will open the door to a stable future and a broader base of global automotive customers and products.

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