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The Small Business Association of Michigan wants to find a route to further improve the state’s entrepreneurial climate.

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The environment for an entrepreneur to start and grow a business in Michigan continues to improve, although gains are slowing after a decade of significant change as other states do better as well.

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State lawmakers remain focused on passing energy policy this year that preserves Michigan’s limited electric choice market and abandons renewable energy standards in favor of comprehensive planning requirements.

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As the state grapples with the Flint water crisis and a long-term funding solution for Detroit Public Schools, business advocates hope lawmakers will still be able to tackle policies that keep health care costs down, add transparency and help companies attract talent. 

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Michigan’s business community appears to lack a unified front as the May 5 election approaches for Proposal 1, a major ballot measure seeking to overhaul the state’s mechanism for transportation funding.

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Small business owners will have a better economy working in their favor in 2015, which generates what is actually a good problem to have: Namely, they all face increased competition for talent because more companies are hiring. That’s just one of the issues raised by Rob Fowler, the president and CEO of the Small Business Association of Michigan. He spoke with MiBiz about the prospects for small business owners in 2015.

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Proposed legislation to tax tobacco-free electronic cigarettes and vapor liquids the same as traditional smoking products has Michigan’s growing vaping industry fighting back. Owner Dan Lawitzke (right) of Mister-E-Liquid in Grand Rapids says the new tax could force him to close his doors just as his company and the industry is starting to gain steam.

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A new nonprofit organization intends to advocate to a broader audience on issues affecting small businesses in Michigan.

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Monday, 02 September 2013 22:00

Medicaid expansion one step closer to passage

Medicaid would expand in Michigan to cover as many as 470,000 more people who otherwise lack health insurance — helping to ease the cost of uncompensated care that’s shifted onto employers — if legislation that’s due for final consideration this week gets enacted.

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Small employers seeking to avoid some of the mandates and taxes under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will soon have new options to pursue if they want to self-fund their employee health coverage.

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