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Elijah Brumback

Elijah Brumback

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Grand Rapids developer John Wheeler and his partners have big plans for bringing more quality residential units to the Wealthy Street corridor.

GRAND RAPIDS — Two marketing and branding firms have decided its time to set aside their need to compete with the belief that together they can do more good.

Grand Rapids developer John Wheeler and his partners have big plans for bringing more quality residential units to the Wealthy Street corridor. 

A firm believer that Michigan can continue to see economic benefits from the advanced energy industry, Dan Scripps serves as president of the Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council (EIBC) and the Institute for Energy Innovation.

As schools increasingly focus on technical education programs, many have lamented that the performing arts and humanities are getting short shrift.

Sunday, 21 July 2013 22:00

More housing units for GR, same debate

One developer is betting big on the future of residential development in downtown Grand Rapids.

A partnership involving the cities of Grand Rapids and Wyoming wants to double down on its past investments in wastewater treatment facilities to help get ahead of cost increases the partners see on the horizon.

Sunday, 07 July 2013 17:00

Doherty to step down from ABC

After starting his career at the Associated Builders and Contractors from the age of 24, President John Doherty plans to retire later this month.

The construction industry wants to re-establish its position in the job market as a profession that takes innovation, technology and creativity as seriously as the companies in Silicon Valley.

Commercial growers pay great attention to the soils and nutrients they use with their plants, but until now, the lighting in growing operations has been mostly an afterthought.

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