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As more local companies look to drive profitability with Zero Waste to Landfill (ZWL) programs, many are finding the road to recycling ROI paved with troublesome materials.

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As the office furniture sector heads toward midyear, executives say sales have begun to trend upward as an updated industry outlook still forecasts stronger growth ahead in 2015.

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As more workers complain about distractions and an inability to focus in today’s open office plans, a growing number of office furniture executives think the concept may have gone too far. Now, they’re focused on balancing the benefits of the open plan with the need for private spaces.

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Talent pipelines are more than just buzzwords among West Michigan companies looking to bolster their workforce development activities.

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Sunday, 30 March 2014 22:00

Investment builds in Mecosta County

Mecosta County might not come to mind as a hotbed for development, but the community has been busy lately.

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The state’s top economic development agency has turned to a Holland-based office furniture manufacturer for an office upgrade this spring.

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The proposed acquisition of an Italian producer of luxury furnishings could help fill out Haworth Inc.’s product lineup.

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The message for West Michigan manufacturers who have help wanted signs out at their shops is clear: Help is on the way.

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Saddled with an aging workforce and an inability to find skilled workers, manufacturers on the lakeshore have partnered with educational leaders to create a new program designed to excite students about careers in manufacturing and create a self-replenishing talent pool.

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GRAND RAPIDS — When Jeff Reuschel, global design director at Holland-based office furniture manufacturer Haworth Inc., looks to hire new members of his design team, he says he notices many of the candidates make a common mistake.

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