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Jane C. Simons

Jane C. Simons


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A new Kalamazoo event aims to encourage people in Southwest Michigan to set aside political differences and start a conversation about building quality of life and a sustainable future.

The cars people drive, the buildings they work in and the furniture and appliances they have in their homes are all manifestations of the creativity of Michigan residents.

Derik Lolli has developed an app designed to make it easier to participate in nonprofit fundraising and tuition reimbursement programs at private and parochial schools.

Blanca Cardoza’s recipe for success almost went up in flames with her home. She had been working for almost two years from her home to perfect a salsa recipe that had been in her family for generations. However, an $8,500 grant she received in October through the Can-Do Kitchen operated by the nonprofit Fair Food Matters helped Cardoza launch her business.

Police officers constantly put themselves in potentially dangerous situations, but a new product that’s a collaboration of two Michigan-based businesses hopes to offer them better protection.

Baby boomers may be ready to step down from their everyday jobs, but many of them aren’t prepared to walk away completely from their roles in the community.

The financial squeeze being felt by nonprofits on the eastern seaboard is being closely monitored by nonprofit executives in Michigan.

Politicians and economic developers in Michigan want to make sure that the state has an educated workforce, but the leaders of universities in West Michigan said they are not getting the financial support they need to make this a reality.

The aging of the Grand Rapids Symphony’s core audience members and supporters has led to a new program designed to attract and retain the next generation of symphony-goers.

The leaders in Michigan’s nonprofit sector say they must identify novel approaches to help their organizations meet an increased demand for services related to the lingering aftermath of the economic downturn.

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