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Commercial Real Estate (195)

As real estate markets improved during this year, banks were able to further shed the foreclosed and repossessed properties they picked up during the recession.

Grand Rapids seems to wind up on a new “best of” list almost every other week.

Grand Rapids' Michigan Street corridor could be on the verge of another multimillion dollar round of development.

Compromise has long been the vehicle for peace treaties, choosing what movie to see on date night and countless other scenarios in life.

As the economy has improved, banks have been slow to get back into financing commercial real estate development projects.

Having more money available to spur commercial real estate projects is a plus, even if those financing options aren’t for everyone.

More than a quarter million square feet of vacant industrial and office space in West Michigan could soon find a new user.

With high occupancy rates in industrial facilities and continued growth projected for West Michigan’s manufacturing sector, conditions seem ripe for speculative building to make a comeback. But speculators have yet to roll the dice on local projects. That dearth of new facilities leaves some worried that local companies will have to look elsewhere to grow.

Commercial real estate developers in West Michigan could soon get some much needed relief from their struggles to access bank financing.

West Michigan health systems are facing intense financial pressures in an unprecedented era of technological change, government reform and a rapidly growing need for quality care. That has many local health care executives asking: Do we need to be in the real estate business?

A familiar name in Michigan’s real estate development community is raising capital for a new fund aimed at adding some fuel to the deal-making environment in the state this fall.

Cities need a mix of compelling spaces, including historical properties, to help define their sense of place.

As developers have turned their attention to adding residential units in and around downtown Grand Rapids, they’re helping to create an environment that’s more conducive for urban retailers.

Developers looking to shelter gains from the sale of one property and use them for the purchase of another have a legitimate method to execute such an exchange, but the technique does often require the help of outside experts.

Many urban advocates agree that strengthening the relationship between education systems and city building is a key tenet to growing livable, prosperous communities.

Sharing meals, household chores and lives is becoming more commonplace for everyone from young adults to senior citizens.

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