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The City of Kalamazoo has a revenue problem. The local government does not collect property taxes on a majority of the land within its borders, yet property taxes and intergovernmental contributions account for more than 70 percent of the city’s budget.

GRAND RAPIDS — CWD Real Estate Investment has built a portfolio of some of downtown Grand Rapids’ signature facilities.

In the past decade, strong financing tools and development incentives created opportunities for empty nesters and millennials to take up residence in downtowns across West Michigan.

Brookstone Capital is set to develop yet another residential mixed-use project near downtown Grand Rapids.

People want to live in cities that never sleep.

One publicly traded real estate company’s recipe for success includes at least a dash of Southwest Michigan berry farms.

Catalyst Development Co. LLC has had its hands full lately with a major renovation project involving the 146-year-old Corporation Hall in downtown Kalamazoo. The project had several key challenges, including structural concerns that led to the developers scrapping initial plans to retain the building’s trademark masonry walls.

The deal momentum from the end of 2012 gave the downtown commercial real estate market a strong start for the first part of 2013. 

This article marks the start of a six-part series on the subject of urbanism using examples from across the region and highlighting concepts on the minds of local professionals.

The elevated strip of U.S. 131 and its signature S-Curve could disappear from the downtown Grand Rapids map.

Giving people a reason to spend their money in the city’s downtown district didn’t come cheap, but leaders at Battle Creek Unlimited say the effort has been worth the investment.

Even a chorus of Grand Rapids urbanites saying they want a downtown grocery will have a hard time convincing most retailers to overlook the current economics of opening a new store in the city’s core business district.

New downtown GR tax revenue?

Written by | Sunday, 17 February 2013 22:00 |

If the state Legislature approves plans to convert Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan into a nonprofit mutual insurance company, the health insurance provider will have to get used to paying property taxes on its buildings, reports Crain’s Detroit Business.

GRAND RAPIDS — CWD Real Estate Investment is turning a corner in its evolution as a real estate company just as local and national markets are shifting attention back to urban interests and investment.

A never-occupied plant built by a now-bankrupt solar panel manufacturer in Battle Creek has a new owner and promise of even more jobs for the Southwest Michigan community.

A popular downtown Grand Rapids entertainment spot is set to embark on a new expansion and renovation project. 

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