The MiBiz Podcast

An entrepreneur’s journey is wildly educational with opportunistic thinking, creative problem solving, and the application of passionate vision serving as lessons. Understanding these lessons further enhances the entrepreneurial ecosystem and startup mentality in a community.

Join the MiBiz staff biweekly as Associate Publisher, Justine Burdette, and Senior Editor, Jayson Bussa, as they hop in the trenches with business owners in all phases of their entrepreneurial life cycle. They will get candid takes from these bright, young leaders who are hustling to grow a passion and idea into a thriving business.

Each episode features engaging interviews paired with recent news from the print and digital offerings of MiBiz. Through our discussion, listeners will learn why all of these intersections matter for the business community. Click the media player button below to listen, or search for "The MiBiz Podcast" wherever you get your podcasts.

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Justine Burdette
Justine BurdetteAssociate Publisher[email protected]
As the Associate Publisher for MiBiz, Justine works with the entire MiBiz team to build the organization’s editorial, sales, audience development, and production operations. Previously, Justine worked in a variety of director and consultant roles. Justine is deeply connected with the region's manufacturing sector, which is the core of our coverage and our audience, and she also brings a breadth of experience in other industries and a track record in operations management, community engagement and talent development.
Jayson Bussa
Jayson BussaSenior Editor[email protected]
As the Senior Editor for MiBiz, Jayson Bussa manages our digital presence, breathes life into our social channels, and is the "idea guy" and lead interviewer for the MiBiz podcast. Additionally, Bussa covers the manufacturing, technology, and food/agribiz beats. His reporting focuses include Industry 4.0, automation, cybersecurity, and the many pressures that have recently plagued the manufacturing industry. When he isn't connecting with sources or writing, Jayson makes times for music (he plays in several bands!) or is sampling Michigan's finest brewed or distilled products.