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The MiBiz Podcast: Culture (Still) Eats Strategy

BY Friday, October 14, 2022 12:37pm

Rob Dwortz left a successful career in finance to become a founding partner of Become Unmistakable LLC, a Grand Rapids-based tech platform taking a right-brained approach to leadership development and performance management. Dwortz gets granular with the MiBiz Podcast to discuss why knowing when and how your people want to grow, what experiences will drive engagement, and which managers are creating a positive employee experience are important steps in solving the talent crisis and how this affects the bottom line.

What exactly is Become Unmistakable?

Dwortz: It’s a training platform and a software platform that elevates employee well being alongside team performance. We’re doing that at scale by delivering through managers. They don’t really have the tools and training to do what they have to do today, which is to manage very dynamic workforces — in person, hybrid and remote. Our tools provide them with the training and the roadmap to do the leading that they need to do with their teams to connect very deeply, build relationships and then hold people accountable while also being very human, which is where the mental well being comes into play.

Why is employee well being important? How can companies measure it?

Dwortz: The global consulting firm Gallup, as well many of the other major consulting firms, find that an engaged workforce is a far more productive and profitable workforce. Gallup’s data shows that 34 percent of the compensation of the average employee is the cost of disengagement. Additionally, our own research has turnover rates at 38 percent of the 1200 people that we surveyed over the last year. … And then, you take it even more granular and the managers are turning over at a much higher rate: 56 percent according to our research. The cost turnover is incredibly expensive, anywhere from 50-200 percent based on the role of the actual compensation of that person. It’s a trillion and a half dollars in the U.S. alone.

Today, it seems as if more and more technology is created for technology’s sake. How is Become Unmistakable different?

Dwortz: That is not us. We create a technology that’s super simple to use so that the technology brings people together. It’s not a relationship with your thumbs, it’s a relationship with a human being. The information that we’re passing, we’re making it very useful so people can deepen those relationships and be very supportive, particularly as a manager to an employee.

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