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Auto supplier Gentex has embedded biometric verification systems technology into its rearview mirrors. Auto supplier Gentex has embedded biometric verification systems technology into its rearview mirrors. COURTESY PHOTO

Gentex partners with Swedish firm for iris-scanning technology

BY MiBiz Staff Thursday, January 11, 2018 08:17am

ZEELAND — Automotive supplier Gentex Corp. announced long-term exclusive partnership with a Swedish tech firm.

The exclusive partnership agreement with Stockholm-based Fingerprints positions Gentex (Nasdaq: GNTX) to deploy the company’s iris-scanning technology in vehicles for driver authentication, vehicle security, cabin personalization and a range of other uses.

According to a statement, the biometric technology could also be aimed at car-sharing platforms to verify the identity of the driver.

“Collaboration is key within the automotive ecosystem, and as a leading provider of smart mirrors and automotive electronics, Gentex brings an unmatched platform and vehicle real estate through which we can deploy our ActiveIRIS technology,” Christian Fredrikson, president and CEO at Fingerprints, said in a statement.

By placing the technology in an existing component such as the rearview mirror — which Gentex is a major supplier of internationally — automakers can quickly adopt the technology without having to redesign their vehicle interiors, according to the statement. Future applications could be based in other locations in the vehicle.

“The ActiveIRIS system could enable future vehicles to quickly and accurately identify drivers and personalize the in-vehicle experience,” stated Gentex President and CEO Steve Downing. “It would also enable two-factor authentication, securing and customizing everything from vehicle operation to in-vehicle functions such as speed limiting, geo-fencing, home automation control, toll payments, and in-vehicle transactions.”

The deal, which was announced in Las Vegas, Nev. at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), allows for system integration outside of the vehicle using Fingerprints’ cloud capabilities.

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