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Tech startup secures $3 million investment from JSJ Corp.

BY Sunday, July 01, 2018 08:00am

GRAND HAVEN — JSJ Corp. has invested $3 million in a startup company that wants to commercialize a device designed to reduce infections acquired in hospitals and other settings.

UV Partners Inc.’s UVAngel disinfects surfaces using safe, low doses of ultraviolet light. The device mounts atop surfaces such as computer keyboards, touchscreens and equipment. The system’s sensors continuously monitor the surface for bacteria.

The company is targeting the device at the health care, food service and retail industries.

Under a separate agreement, Grand Haven-based JSJ’s GHSP business will provide engineering support and produce the device at its Grand Haven facility. UV Partners also will relocate from Livonia to West Michigan.

“Each year, tens of thousands of people are infected with bacteria from public environments,” UV Partners CEO Tom Byrne said in a statement. “We are excited that our automated technology can give customers a proactive approach to building safer and healthier environments for customers and employees. Now, thanks to our partnership with JSJ Corp., we will be able to get this technology to even more healthcare facilities, retailers, restaurants, and corporations around the country.”

Through the investment, the diversified manufacturing company JSJ Corp. took a “meaningful” minority equity stake in UV Partners, according to Chairman, President and CEO Nelson Jacobson.

JSJ was attracted to the deal by the technology behind the device and its potential to reduce hospital-acquired infections that kill thousands of people annually and adds billions in cost to heath care spending.

“It was one of the most natural, organic deals I’ve ever been part of,” Jacobson said. “We can make these surfaces are continually clean.”

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