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Peter Skornia, President, Bazzani Building Co. Peter Skornia, President, Bazzani Building Co. Photo by Katy Batdorff

2017 Outlook: Peter Skornia, Bazzani Building Co.

BY Sunday, December 25, 2016 04:45pm

Peter Skornia, the newly-appointed president of Grand Rapids-based construction and development firm Bazzani Building Co., hopes for a positive 2017. With favorable economic conditions for building and a new partnership aimed at further business development, Skornia expects the company to grow by expanding its workforce and via enhanced marketing. 

"Grand Rapids is well poised for continued growth by a diverse economic engine driving local jobs. This is encouraging the trend of people wanting to move into cities. The upward spiral of job creation and people living in the city will pull in other services required for urban living, beyond housing and entertainment which are currently seeing tremendous growth. We have grown in 2016 and look to have a larger year in 2017. Bazzani Building Company, a ‘Best for the World’ B-Corp, applies the triple bottom line philosophy to our company and projects. This means a balance of economic viability, social responsibility and environmental integrity. My worry is the demand for increased productivity and efficiency. On the surface, these are positive and have been the driving force in stock market increases, but they have the negative impact of a loss of jobs. This is an unsustainable trend." - Peter Skornia, President, Bazzani Building Co.

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