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Rick Breon, President and CEO, Spectrum Health Rick Breon, President and CEO, Spectrum Health Courtesy Photo

2017 Outlook: Rick Breon, Spectrum Health Grand Rapids

BY Sunday, December 25, 2016 05:00pm

Spectrum Health President and CEO Rick Breon expects West Michigan’s economy to stay strong in 2017, although the incoming Trump administration and the fate of the Affordable Care Act adds uncertainty to the year ahead for health care. Breon expects the new presidential administration “will, on some level, follow through on its campaign promise to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.” The big question is when and how that occurs.

"Over the past several years, West Michigan has experienced vibrant growth and development, coupled with an unemployment rate lower than the national average and an increase in investment and jobs creation. I believe the economy will continue to be strong in the coming year. But those of us in the health care industry know that forecasting is a complex proposition, certain to be heavily influenced by the new presidential administration and any possible regulatory changes. Additionally, there are many unknowns as we prepare for 2017. Issues that are top of mind for the new administration, legislators and the public are also top of mind for us: insuring our population, ensuring access to health care, providing transparency on pricing and meeting the demands of our consumers." - Rick Breon, President and CEO, Spectrum Health

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