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Global spice company Kalsec adds research, innovation capacity to Kalamazoo HQ

BY Sunday, August 29, 2021 04:10pm

KALAMAZOO — Kalsec Inc., a global producer of natural spices, advanced hop products and herb flavor extracts, has invested $10 million into a new technology center that will enhance its research and innovation capabilities.

The company opened the doors of the Don Berdahl Center for New Technology last month. Named after one of the company’s pivotal researchers who developed a variety of crucial technologies, the center brings together equipment, expertise and other resources to form a pilot facility. The center is a middle ground between a research lab and full-scale production of a new product or innovation.

The center will allow Kalsec to better meet the needs of its food company clients, according to Roger Nahas, the company’s senior vice president of global research and development.

“(Clients) come to us with needs that they can’t meet just by buying what’s commercially available,” Nahas told MiBiz. “Then, we turn these needs into research programs.”

“That’s where we can work with them,” he added. “They can come work alongside us or, often, we can develop a new product, test it out in the pilot plant and send it to the customers, and they can do a trial.”

The technology center also features state-of-the-art extraction equipment more sophisticated than what Kalsec previously used. The company invested in supercritical carbon dioxide extraction capabilities, a chemical-free method that uses carbon dioxide as a solvent to extract from plants, fruits, herbs and vegetables.

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