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GHSP launches product using UV light to disinfect vehicles COURTESY PHOTO

GHSP launches product using UV light to disinfect vehicles

BY MIBIZ STAFF Thursday, May 07, 2020 05:06pm

GRAND HAVEN — Auto supplier GHSP has launched a line of products for emergency and transport vehicles that uses ultraviolet light to disinfect and kill germs, including pathogens such as the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

The GHSP grēnlite products use technology licensed from UV Partners Inc. that it developed for its UV Angel devices used in health care settings to disinfect equipment. UV Partners, also based in Grand Haven, this spring introduced additional products, including UV Angel Air that embeds in light fixtures and disinfects air flowing through it.

Using sensors and other safeguards, grēnlite can run when vehicles such as ambulances and police cars are still in service. GHSP, a unit of Grand Haven-based JSJ Corp., is working on additional grēnlite products that it plans to launch this year.

“Using UV-C to kill germs is not a new process, however, deploying it into a mobile space, gathering real-time data and providing the ability to adjust as needed to maximize its efficiency is a major step forward in the use of UV-C,” said GHSP CEO Tom Rizzi said. “Helping to improve the safety of not only patients in transport applications, but also the emergency service and public safety providers that expose themselves every day to help others was a big driver in getting this product developed.”

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