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Westshore Design acquires Petra Electronic Manufacturing

BY MiBiz Staff Tuesday, January 29, 2019 11:16am

HOLLAND — Westshore Design LLC plans to add customers in new markets with the acquisition of a Moline, Mich. electronics manufacturer.

The deal for Petra Electronic Manufacturing Inc., a designer and manufacturer of electronic components and circuit boards, expands Holland-based Westshore Design into entertainment devices, pneumatic valve controls and aftermarket automotive controls, according to a statement.

Major customers for Petra include L-3 Communications, Eaton Aerospace, Motorola Corp., Borroughs Corp. and Pro-Co Sound Inc., among others.

Petra will now operate under the Westshore Design name and will maintain its operations at 1210 144th Ave. in Moline, about 15 miles south of Grand Rapids, just east of U.S. 131.

Westshore Design CEO and President Gary Van Dyke said the acquisition allows the company to “enhance our ability to offer superior solutions for a broad set of new customers in a variety of new markets.” Founded in 2003, Westshore Design is a manufacturer of  embedded controls, electronic circuit boards, LED vision lighting, outdoor LED lighting, and instrumentation products.

“Technology continues to greatly change the world we live in and we are excited about being part of the many new and dynamic changes that will shape our futures,” Van Dyke said in a statement. “The addition of Petra Electronics continues to strengthen the Westshore Design LLC capability platform and helps shape our future.”

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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