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Elevator pitch contests and business plan competitions are practically a growth industry in Michigan these days. But are they effective at training entrepreneurs to actually launch their business ideas and get funding?

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Food packaging may quickly get tossed in the trash when it comes time to eat what’s inside, but the technology inherent in much of that packaging is anything but garbage.

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Those who would dismiss the solar energy industry in Michigan should think twice before they pull down the shade on what many see as a promising renewable energy sector.

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When seasoned advisers help out startup businesses, the benefit of that relationship goes both ways, according to Kim Klap, director of portfolio relations at Start Garden.

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Sunday, 09 December 2012 23:57

Varnum overhauls management structure

A new management structure at Varnum LLP that begins with the new year is designed to streamline the law firm’s administration in a post-recession world.

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In his long-awaiting address on energy issues, Gov. Rick Snyder said he wants to bring together various interest groups to study what should be in Michigan’s energy plan.

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As the world rapidly becomes more digitally connected, companies are struggling to maintain their intellectual property rights.

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Every company’s nightmare scenario is a media firestorm centered on a product recall, but according to experts, a public relations crisis doesn’t have to cause permanent damage if it’s handled properly and clearly communicated.

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A startup in Lowell hopes to prove that one firm’s waste is another company’s power.

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For companies that want to export food products, the advice seems simple enough: Go where the stomachs are. As Michigan State University Professor David Schweikhardt told a couple dozen people looking at the potential of agricultural exports, you have to look for “stomach share.”

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