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BY New Horizons Computer Learning Centers Monday, April 18, 2016 12:00pm

Corporate training and development has been in a steady cycle of change for the past two decades. The widespread proliferation of high-speed Internet has led to virtual training capabilities that simply were not possible in years past. However, no amount of technology is ever going to add more hours onto your day. Regardless of the learning modality, today’s workforce demands flexibility when it comes to their training schedule.

New Horizons Computer Learning Centers has been at the forefront of IT and end-user Application Training for over 30 years. As a global learning provider for many of the industry’s top vendors such as Microsoft, VMWare, and Cisco, New Horizons is positioned to offer the latest authorized classes delivered by certified subject matter experts. New Horizons was a leader in the area of online virtual training, and today, the vast majority of their industry leading Guaranteed-to-Run schedule is taught in that format. Affording customers the opportunity to remotely access their training from anywhere was a huge breakthrough for the industry and continues to be the most popular method of delivery available today. However, customers continue to seek out alternate, on-demand sources of information.

NH Learning Solutions, a network of 16 New Horizons Computer Learning Centers across 10 Midwestern and Northeastern states, has responded by introducing the most up-to-date and engaging video learning library available today: NHGO NOW.

NHGO NOW is a video subscription service that includes thousands of short segment, task-focused lessons, delivered by certified subject matter experts, to guide you over and around the issues that plague your workday. This massive library of on-demand video spans the entire Microsoft Office suite, as well as products from a variety of other vendors, including Adobe, Oracle, and Google.

A key differentiator that sets NHGO NOW apart from the competition is the fact that our industry leading instructors never leave your screen. NHGO NOW offers a professionally shot, dynamic, and engaging presentation that retains interest for higher retention rates. Human beings share a behavior called limbic response. Limbic response causes all of us to pay stricter attention when a message is being delivered by another person we can see. Our natural instincts take over and we are able to comprehend at a higher level and retain more. Keeping our trainers on screen for their entire presentation ensures that our customers get the maximum value from their time spent on NHGO NOW.

New Horizons Computer Learning Centers will continue to innovate to meet the needs of their customers. For over the past 30 years, New Horizons has trained millions of people around the globe in the traditional classroom setting. More recently, the majority of that training has moved to the Internet in an online format. With NHGO NOW, those subject matter experts are ready whenever you are: On your desktop at lunch, on your laptop on the train, or on your phone on the couch.

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